Wooden Man

A big part of what we do is experimenting with what digital formats are and will be capable of delivering and developing those features and concepts into marketable products.

We are progressing the development of epub3 as a way to combine music, video and interactivity. This lead to Proving House Digital continuing our relationship with the band, The Helmholtz Resonators.

This sonic eBook was conceptualised and built in-house at Proving House Digital. An all-in-one package in ePub form, it is fully interactive utilising music, video and animation in a fixed layout form with touch/button functionality that can also utilise active links for ticket, merchandise and mp3 purchasing. Whilst designed primarily for iOS, an ePub is not beholden to third parties, you can offer a file direct from your own site with most, if not all devices being able to view the content via reader apps, presenting an opportunity to gather user data first hand. You can, of course, distribute through the iTunes store which is great for providing seamless updates. Internally, it’s a fully functioning microsite that can function without connectivity, costs a fraction of the price of an app and is small enough to fit on an iStick. Ideal for events with limited wifi capability such as festivals, or as a way for bands, musicians and labels to showcase their music with fans, offering value-add to any campaign. This format lends itself perfectly to exclusive content with multiple opportunities to monetise a fan base.



Using Wooden Man as a test case for the new format we have created a fully realised campaign including content suitable for use in social media marketing.

With full individual consultation, each Sonic eBook can be tailored to suit the client’s needs - whether it’s a basic package to showcase videos, products and buy-links, or a fully immersive world, offering a portal into the minds, imaginations and music of the users’ favourite artists.

Wooden Man is available to download on iTunes. Click here