The mystery of woolley mountain

A big part of what we do is experimenting with what digital books are and will be capable of delivering and developing those features and concepts into marketable products. We have a vision to make ebooks more engaging and exciting crossing more territories and blending markets.

This has lead to Proving House Digital teaming up with the band, The Helmholtz Resonators. We are experimenting with a new experience in epub3. Combining music, animation, interactivity with an intriguing story we have an extended and enhanced album concept.

We have created a video to try and get some of this across.

Pictures, once static, have now become fluid at the press of a finger. Music played inside every chapter, the table of contents is fully interactive and now there is an extra chapter – the jukebox, showing us a digital recreation of an LP spinning on a cartoon turntable, allowing you to play through the album at your leisure without reading the book. We have created something extraordinary, and we cannot not wait to share our discovery with the world.

The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain is released 13th April 2015 via Proving House Digital. It is available for pre-sale on iTunes here

For more information about the project please contact A Badge of Friendship here