Squidge Elf

Squidge Elf books are the creation of inner London primary school teacher, Andrew Thomas. This was our first project where we were able to look at digital books slightly differently to paper books. We realised that a book on a device opened opportunities to have complimentary products that help involve and validate the main focus. We set about coming up with a series of added extras that would make the Squidge Elf books not only a fun Christmas book but in context real educational tool. 

Working with Andrew we put together a series of add-ons to host on a simple and approachable website. Two packs, for key stage 2, with everything needed in each for a full week of lessons, including whiteboard flip charts and activities. We also provide free themed activities for kids and parents at home, to accompany the Squidge e-books. The website is on www.SquidgeElf.com.

We have added Facebook and Twitter accounts for Squidge and most recently released the first book on amazon using print on demand. The education packs are hosted on the TES website where they have been downloaded more than 26,700 times. 

The squidge books have been number one in both the UK and America on the Amazon Kindle store children's books sections at christmas with 307,895 downloads and counting. They have also been featured on iBooks.