Beyond the lens


The Association of Photographers work tirelessly to support its members in the UK. Beyond the Lens is an extension of this support that they make available to everyone that might need advice on rights, ethics and business practice in professional photography.

Now in its fourth edition it has been likened to ‘the bible for photographers and commissioners’ and is used by colleges/universities as part of their courses and widely used by photographers and commissioners.

We took the print version of Beyond the Lens, stripped it down and fully rebuilt it into an eBook. We felt that the simplicity of the epub2 format would best suit the nature of the book. It was important to the AOP that Beyond the Lens was easy to use, searchable and interactive to improve its stance as a reference book. As well as making all previously static web references into hyperlinks, we included a concise table of contents and a detailed index, both interactive.

The AOP also asked us to create a stand alone PDF version for them to distribute amongst their members. They wanted the PDF  to reflect the interactive user experience of the eBook. We were also asked to explore distribution opportunities and prepare the eBook as required.

Beyond the lens is currently available on iBooks and Amazon