Proving House Digital was established in 2012. We wanted to look at ways to add extra dimensions to eBooks and other electronic publications in a way that would give their audiences a much richer and more interactive experience. We have worked on fiction for both children and adults, commercial publications and advertising material and have just completed an innovative Sonic eBook with band The Helmholtz Resonators.

Every project is different, but our favourites use multiple formats and media and appeal increasingly to multiple readerships and listeners.

Some of our children’s fiction has been linked up to educational materials for use in schools and play/project materials for use at home. The newest technology offers the possibility of using much more sound and animation in children’s books in addition to illustration and greater interactivity. The Helmholtz project Wooden Man is at the cutting edge of what digital publishing can achieve. An immersive experience involving exciting content and is to us a springboard to future functionality.

The possibilities for enlivening business materials from technical presentations to consumer communications are also immense and we would argue that a more sensual and interactive experience can greatly enhance customer (and employee) engagement.

We also publish well crafted together e-books, with attractive covers by our stable of illustrators, and sell them on iTunes and Amazon.

Because technology offers so many ways to make content more accessible, more usable and more beautiful… it would be rude not to.